San Luis Obispo Hiking Trails

A collection of hiking trails in the San Luis Obispo area, some of the most beautiful, scenic trails around to share. See the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving it for the future by hiking and enjoying it firsthand.

The San Luis Obispo County is filled with some of the most picturesque scenery around. A wonderful way to explore the area is by hiking some of the trails around.

San Luis Obispo County has a wide variety of trails. There are trails along the coastal bluffs overlooking the ocean with fantastic views, wildlife to see such as sea lions, otters, dolphins, whales, birdwatching and not to forget the breathtaking sunsets.

There are trails along by the beach with secluded coves, sandy beaches tidepools to explore, boardwalks, and sand dunes to hike. Listen to the peacefullness of the crashing of the waves. 

There are trails by the lakes with lots of wild life to be seen and serene views of the lake. Scenic hills coveredin oaks and panaramic views of the countryside.

There are an assortment of trails to hike in San Luis obispo from trails by the city, in the mountains, by the ocean or out in the countryside. There is always something to see. Enjoy!